All mail and incoming & outgoing packages are sorted in the Estabrook.

If a student needs to ship a package or mail a letter, they should bring it to the mailroom. Student shipments will be charged to a student’s incidental account. 

When mailing or shipping to your student, please use this address:

(Student Name)
Brewster Academy
80 Academy Drive
Wolfeboro NH 03894

Shipping Packages for Next Year
Unless there is a compelling reason, we respectfully ask families not to ship student items to Brewster until after August 20. We appreciate your support.

Summer Storage
Brewster has partnered with Dorm Room Movers to make move-out as simple as possible. Dorm Room Movers provides summer storage as well as a ship-to-college option for graduating seniors and a general shipping option if you would like your boxes shipped domestically. Call Dorm Room Movers at 866-550-8688 or visit their website for more information.